Ants on a Log Ice Cream


Do you remember being a kid?  I do.  And I remember ants on a log.  And I remember how sometimes you would get raisins as the “ants” and sometimes you would get chocolate chips and if you were REALLY lucky, you got both.  If you aren’t familiar, it’s a dessert/snack in which you peel a banana, top it with peanut butter, and then top that with your ants of choice (but not actual ants if you a vegetarian like me).  The first time I made it at home – because we’re all kids at heart, right? – Jake was dumbfounded.  He had never seen anything like it before in his life.  I almost called child services to report his parents for neglect!  How could someone grow up without such a staple food ?  (Don’t get me started on how he hadn’t heard of chicken pot pie.)  But besides these obvious indiscretions, his folks provided him with a good childhood, so I guess I’ll let it slide.  Just this once 😉

And, really, I should be nice to Jake’s mom because Mother’s Day is this weekend (in the U.S.) and if I’ve learned anything from my own child, it’s that being a mom is a job that you’ll never get 100% right.  Or even 75%.  Thankfully, we don’t get performance reviews because Lily has ingested a peck of dirt in the last year alone.  And she’s watched enough Disney Junior shows that she knows the theme song.  Not just to the shows, to the channel.  *let the magic begin do do do do doooo do*  And, yes, she’s had Pirate’s Booty popcorn for breakfast when it got her to stop screaming on the way to the car (and when it’s not the popcorn, it’s the Nutri-Grain bars that I never knew until recently are actually not nutritious at all!).  So, from now on, moms get a break.  Especially this weekend.  Bring me breakfast in bed, following by a healthy serving of this ants on a log ice cream.  Better yet, just bring me the ice cream for breakfast.  It’s healthier than what my kid’s been eating!


Ants on a Log “Ice Cream”

4 very ripe bananas
3 Tbsp. peanut butter
1/3 cup chocolate covered raisins, plus more for topping

Peel the bananas, cut them into chunks, and freeze until they are solid (overnight is probably best).

Put the frozen banana pieces into a food processor and pulse, scraping the sides down occasionally, until the banana becomes creamy.  It will happen!  Transfer the banana to a storage container.

Microwave the peanut butter for about 10 seconds to soften it just a bit.  Pour it over the banana and swirl through.  Add the chocolate covered raisins and mix in.

If needed, refreeze until the mixture is set.  Serve frozen with additional chocolate covered raisins on top.

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  1. Haha! The ants on a log I ate as a kid was pb & raisins on a CELERY STICK… and I was REALLY concerned about you putting celery in ice cream…. banana sounds so much better! 😉

  2. We ate chicken pot pies at least one a week growing up :) I pity the child who didn’t.

  3. Mary Davis says:

    This looks absolutely delicious!!! And I agree with Jess above, I thought of celery stick too…would not look so delicious. Will be trying, thanks!

    • Lindsay says:

      That is too funny! My grandmother said the same thing, but it somehow didn’t get passed down through the generations. We were a banana family. Celery ice cream would be an interesting experiment…. :)

  4. In all fairness, ask Jake if he would eat ANYTHING with green stuff in it (talking pot pies here) OR raisins. I wish I’d known about Ants on a Log tho, because it looks delicious!

  5. We were a celery family too, and while I got peanut butter, I never seemed to get the added treat of chocolate chips or raisins! This does, however, remind me of a dessert we made at camp: we tucked chocolate chips and marshmallows inside a banana, then wrapped it up in tin foil and placed it next to the camp fire. Yum.

    We’re celebrating childhood favorites this month on the Shine Supper Club. This recipe would be a perfect contribution. Hope you’ll join us!

  6. This looks really good. We just finished our last banana otherwise I would make it right now. I’m try to remember it for some other time.


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