Vegan Fudge Pops


Now, this is a vegan recipe that the whole family can get behind!  Jake normally rolls his eyes when I pull out the soy milk or the tofu, but when Lily first tasted one of these fudge pops and said, “Mmmm! I love it,” she convinced him to give one a try, too.  And he liked it!  Isn’t it funny how a toddler can broaden our world with her own simple naivete?  She has no reason to see something made with soy milk any differenly than with cow’s milk.  It’s all frozen chocolate deliciousness to her.  Yum!

fudge pop with daddy

And these popsicles melt and get all over your face and clothes just the same, too, so the fun factor is still A+ awesome.  There is a picture somewhere out there of my brother as a little kid covered in melted fudge pop.  (Or chocolate bar?)  He looks so happy and in-the-moment, just like Lily.  So, really, this dessert isn’t just a timeless flavor, but it’s the activity of making a mess that is just as important.  The pure bliss of summer is on it’s way.


Vegan Fudge Pops

1/4 cup sugar
1 1/2 Tbsp flour
1 1/2 Tbsp cocoa
2 cups chocolate soy milk

In a sauce pan, combine all of the ingredients and whisk until combined.  Over medium heat, stir constantly for about 5 minutes until it thickens.  Pour out of the saucepan through a fine mesh strainer into a bowl with a pour spout.  Fill the popsicle molds and freeze overnight until the pops are solid.

Source: Adapted from Finding Joy in My Kitchen, originally from Grocery Cart Challenge.  I found her blog as a part of the SRC swap and was so glad I did!  She lots of great recipes and ideas!

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  1. These sound fantastic! Dairy doesn’t always agree with me so well, so I love that these are vegan. And your pictures are adorable!

  2. Fudgsicles were my absolute fave as a kid and I still love them. I know I’d be thrilled to have a bunch of your fudge pops sitting in my freezer (well, until I devour them all).

  3. Those look like the PERFECT summery treat! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  4. Yum!!! I could go for one right now!

  5. Lily looks like she is in heaven! Fun recipe.

  6. What a FABULOUS SRC pick and such lovely photos too! Karen

  7. Oh yum! What a perfect summer treat, these look so easy and tasty :)

  8. Brings me back to childhood summers, when we were allowed an occasional fudgsicle. What a treat!

  9. I’ve been wanting to make fudge pops for my boys for a long time…looks yummy! Great SRC pick!

  10. Those pics are so cute – pure popsicle joy! Interesting recipe with the flour but makes perfect sense when I think about it. I don’t do soy but may try it with almond milk! Great pick for SRC :)

  11. I need to get a popsicle mold, stat. My husband and I only drink soy milk, so I am sure we would love these!

  12. So glad that you enjoyed these!! We love them during the summer months — it’s nice to see someone else (especially a little someone else) enjoying them too.

  13. Oh wow! YUMMY!!! Great choice

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