Happy SITS Day!

Oh my goodness, I completely forgot that today was my SITS day!  What a wonderful surprise to wake up to!  I’m not normally such a ditz, but it has been a crazy month filled with new homes, busy jobs, beach vacations, and a life that is all filled up with crazy toddler antics.  Either way, I’m so happy that you are here!

To anyone who is stopping by for the first time, welcome welcome welcome!  I hope you enjoy poking around, finding recipes, and getting a laugh at a few of my embarrassing stories.

To anyone who already knew me and is wondering what the heck a SITS day is, it’s the day in which the creators of a huge network of women-bloggers (who knew that that 40,000 bloggers even existed?!) highlight you and your blog for the world to see.  Literally!  There are amazing women from all corners of the globe involved in the network.  I love getting to know them through their websites.

Wow!  It is so exciting to be featured today, and if I wasn’t suffering from an extreme lack of sleep I would have been more prepared.  Blame it on Lily.  Bedtime is now optional in her mind no matter HOW sleepy her mommy is.

Let’s be friends!  Please email or facebook me anytime!

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  1. Aw, love that photo! He so cute! Happy SITS day.

  2. Oh, what a great picture…Lily’s beautiful! (And that mac ‘n cheese looks pretty good, too!) Happy SITS Day!!!

  3. Happy SITS Day! What a great pic.

  4. Happy SITS Day!! What a cutie!

  5. Ha, cute picture. Happy SITS Day to you!

  6. Your daughter is too cute! Enjoy your SITS day!

  7. Congratulations on your SITS day. I hope it’s a great day for you. I also hope you get some sleep!

  8. You have to love toddlers and their craziness. Your title on SITS made me laugh, I was a disaster in the kitchen for the first year of our marriage. Hopefully I have improved a little now :)

  9. Happy SITs day! Lily is a cutie and I bet she keeps you busy!

    I have to go look at your mac’n cheese recipe!

  10. Happy SITS day to you! I hope you enjoy the extra love and support today. Looking forward to checking out some of those yummy recipes.

  11. That’s such a cute picture! How could anyone not leave a comment!? :) … Happy SITS Day! Enjoy!

  12. Happy SITS Day. Just read this blog and you scones blog. Love the photos. Cup stealers unite. I had 6 weeks with my mom from diagnosis to end. Ovarian cancer can be quick. The time was special as you said. Thanks for the blog.

  13. What a great picture…HAPPY SITS DAY!!!!!

  14. Congratz on SITS day! Glad to be following. You blog looks fun can’t wait to see more!

  15. Happy SITS Day! Can’t wait to look around!

  16. Love your blog! Happy SITS day!

  17. Happy SITS day! I love the photo.

  18. Happy SITS Day! So happy to have been introduced to your lovely blog! Your recipes look amazing and the pictures are awesome! I’ve been poking around and see some delicious future meals on my dinner table…Have a great day!

  19. My nine month old thought sleep was optional last night. He fights sleep like no one I know. One day they will learn it’s a beautiful thing… right?
    I subscribed and “liked” you on Facebook. I can’t wait to read more.

  20. Happy SITS Day! What an adorable picture. Can’t wait to find some new recipes.

  21. Plan to try the mac-and-cheese recipe within the next week. And so sorry to learn of the loss of your mom.

  22. Happy SITS day – what a great thing to wake up to! I agree with the comments above that mentioned how beautiful your photos are. Food can be so hard to photograph (I certainly can’t do it!) so snaps to you!

  23. Our daughters share the same name! :) She is so adorable. Glad to find you and your blog!

  24. Congrats on your SITS day!!

  25. Congrats on your SITS Day! It’s fun, isn’t it?

  26. Happy SITS Day!!

  27. Happy SITS day!
    :) Hope your weekend rocks!

  28. Happy SITS day! Looking forward to following your blog, and seeing all the goodies you whip up (and being jealous because I can’t cook at all)!

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